Storage Units

Who Needs More Storage? We All Do, Right?

We have designed some great storage units from 4 and 6 drawer units to stackable bins, to custom made boxes.

At Get It Laser Engraved, we want to be the extension of your creative, crafty personality.

From the items you see below, you can trust that we will use the years of engineering and manufacturing knowledge of the owner to design and make the best version of your design.

Untill we have the pleaseure of working together please stay a while and look around to see if anything we have done in the past can spark ideas for your future projects.

Four areas we are concentrating are as follows

  • small item storage (jewelry, pencils, niknaks, etc

  • stackable organizers for home or workshop or office.

  • shelf organizers for crafters, scrapbookers, other artsy minded individuals.

  • custom boxes for everything gift related and storage related

Storage Units - Custom Sizes and Images

Custom Enclosures for Action Figures

Stackable Storage Units

K-Cup Storage Tower on Swivel Base


4 and 6 Drawer Storage Units

4 Drawer Starter Storage Box 6 Drawer Starter Box

To these starter boxes you can add whaterver images you want to customize the storage box.
We have done Nightmare Before Christmas themes, Horror movie themes, hockey team themes with names.

Other themes to consider..

  • Unicorns

  • Dinosaurs

  • Animals

  • Comic Book Hereos

  • Super Heroes




Action Figure Cases - Acrylic


Stackable Organizers


K-Cup Pod Storage Towers

See this swivel base K-Cup holder in motion.