Questions I receive often relate to the materials I am able to work with. Below are a few that are possible.  

So far I have engraved, marked or cut the following materials. There are more in the queue to be tested.

Wood: 1. MDF or Draftboard 2. Baltic Birch (most commonly used now) 3. Maple 4. Pine

Plastics: 1. Acrylic (various colours) 

Metals: Using both CO2 and Fiber laser equipment 1. Stainless Steel 2. Mild Steel 3. Alloy 4340 4. 6061 Aluminum 5. Brass 6. Anodized Aluminum 

Natural: 1. Leather (vegetable tanned) 2. FAUX Leather (PVC or PU type) 3. Cork 4. Rubber (Neoprene or Nitrile or Buna-N)

Fabric: (Testing soon) 1. Denim 2. Fleece 

Others: 1. Foam - Open and Closed Cell 2. EPDM 



Here are some great articles about materials that are used above. These are for reference and education. If there are links to manufacturers, it does not mean I endorse their products.


1. Mitchell Performance Faux Leathers - (Article) What is Faux Leather?- Click Here

2. Baltic Birch - (Article) Why it's better, When to use it...? - Click Here