During Covid-19, Get It laser Engraved is contributing to the health and welfare of the front line workers.

We have teamed up with Glowforge in Seattle WA. (www.glowforge.com)

Glowforge is a manufacturer of one of our CO2 lasers. They have provided the design for a product called EarSavers.

From the 1/8″ (3mm) thick cast acrylic material we have in house, we are cutting out these unique and necessary items.

We are making these items to order. There is no charge for these items.
The EarSavers come in a variety of colours – orange, blue, green, yellow, purple, red and clear.

They are available for pickup at our office in Sherwood Park.
We can also arrange for delivery to your location in the immediate area around Edmonton.
If you would like us to mail them, we only ask that you cover the cost of postage.

To connect with us, email us at sales@getitlaserengraved.com and put “EarSavers Request” in the subject line.

We will all get through this together, happier and healthier.

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