Good Day Everyone,

My name is Stephen Parkes and I am the proud owner and creative person behind Get It Laser Engraved.

I have a diverse background in mechanical engineering, manufacturing, cnc machining, product development, graphic design, drawing and customer service.

Get It laser Engraved is a company I am proud to share with all of you. I get to be very creative and build products I am sure you, your family and your friends will enjoy. I take your project seriously and will work through it with you step by step until complete.

In the recent months I have had several customers provide some good challenges to my skillset. Engraving on usual items using both laser types I operate.

In the end I even surprised myself at what can be done with lasers and look forward to providing solutions you are looking for.

If there is anything you cannot find in a gift or product design, please call me and we can discuss your immediate challenge.

I look forward to working with you now and in the future.


Stephen Parkes,