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We are pleased to showcase some of the items we have created or provided in the past few months. Please check out the Gallery section of the website for more inspiration. 

Get It Laser Engraved is in the business of making smiles whenever someone takes the time to personalize a gift that the receiver has not seen or received before. Personalizing or creating a one of a kind gift is what we want to help you with.

We would like to take this opportunity to identify the services we can offer to you. Some services you may have not been able to find elsewhere in Edmonton, surrounding areas or Canada wide. 

We differ from other engraving businesses that only perform rotary engraving. This service has limited applications. Get It Laser Engraved supports these business by offering additional engraving/etching services used on a range of materials such as wood, acrylic, leather, notebooks, journals, gloves, various steel industrial/medical parts. Fabrics such as denim, felt, leather can also be serviced.

Get It Laser Engraved is a local Sherwood Park/Edmonton business that specializes in the unusual. We have 3 lasers that are capable of special processes. We also offer services such as glass etching and cnc routering in addition to.

We offer engraving and marking solutions for.. - promotional items (mugs, coolers) - wedding items (table numbers, gifts) - memorial and commemorative products (family, pets) - leather jewelry items - organizers, storage and desktop - serial numbering of parts - security ID for phones, tablets and computers - action figure and collectible display cases - logos on fabric items - stethoscope and medical tool engraving - notebook/journal/daytimer engraving

We also offer cutting services for .. - rubber gaskets - automotive gaskets - acrylic letters for signage 

If we can help, please contact us.  

Email: sales@getitlaserengraved.com Phone: (587) 871-4401  

Make Someone Smile When You Give Them A Personalized Gift!

Customer Storage Organizer
birth commemorative picture frame
coaster-personalized gift
Glowforge 45 Watt Pro CO2 Laser


"Things Engraved" in Canada is closing down, if not already closed.  

Reports from Ontario to BC have shown that the stores have closed and all staff have been let go. 

We at Get It laser Engraved are sad to see this Canadian company close.  

We would like to extend a hand to customers that had work in the store but are unable to access it any longer. We will endeavor to assist you as much as we can. 

Reach out to us at emailing us at sales@getitlaserengraved.com 

or by calling (587) 871-4401.  



Get It Laser Engraved is proud to be part of the following barter exchange. Click on the logo to learn more about becoming a member!

Look for us in the Edmonton and Sherwood Park Chambers of Commerce. We also are members of the YEGBA Edmonton Business Association.

Chamber membership has its benefits
Chamber membership has its benefits

For your local buying pleasure, we are also members of the ShopSherwoodPark community. 

Visit us at www.shopsherwoodpark.com/getitlaserengraved

You can now find us advertising in the Strathcona Bugle Newspaper - Strathcona County's only Newspaper

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Email: sales@getitlaserengraved.com Phone: (587) 871-4401

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